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Our carrier is

Risk management research center is an experienced and highly respected consulting company in helping property loss, liability, underwriting information for insurance, equipment inspection, and many others.
From risk management consulting to equipment inspection, our services help you minimize the possibilities effect of accidental business losses on an organization.

Risk Management Consulting

  • Hynix
  • HDO (Hyundai Oil Refinery Company)
  • HPC (Hyundai PetroChemical)
  • KMC (Kia Motor Company)
  • Nuclear/Fired Power Plants
  • Skyscrapers, multiple facilities, construction work,apt complex

Insurance Consulting

  • Assessing PML&EML
  • Evaluating values
  • Reporting underwriting information
  • Coordination of re-insurer

Liability Consulting

  • Risk surveys on youth facilities
    (The umbrella of the ministry of culture and tourism)
  • WorldCup stadium liability
  • Multi-plex facilities, family restaurants like T.G.I and many others

Research & Development

  • Natural hazard on Korean Peninsula
  • Crops and forest insurance developing with government
  • Red tide on Korean Peninsula for aqua-cultural insurance

Project Review

  • IT Risk Review like HIT, KT and etc
  • Process Review for industrial manufacture
  • PL Review

Equipment Inspection

  • GPR Inspection on subway construction area
  • Noise & Vibration impact evaluation
  • Electrical Safety Inspection with T.I.S
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