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Project Review

Research & Development

As the various projects are executed such as construction, reconstruction, extension, changing of the process and the others, unexpected risks may occur or change. Unless appropriate Review is not performed, unexpected incidental expense may cost too.

Therefore, while project progressing, the analysis on various risks (fire, explosion, natural hazard, liability and the others) should be performed from the beginning of design based on loss control theory. Also project is reviewed rationally and economically in the project review.

Service Area

Project Review fully review that your design basis of relevant project corresponding with laws and international codes

Project Review introduces the ways to minimize the risks through the analysis of using of installing equipments.

Project Review evaluates the adequateness of structure of the buildings and introduces the ways of installment and management of fire-fighting equipment and management system.


We provide diverse engineering standard and codes through project review can let us make preparation for such risks by means of a various analysis when we execute a project, such as fire, explosion, electrical hazard, mechanical hazard, natural hazard and so on.

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