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Our Underwriting Service

Provides all risk exposures to property damages, including Machinery Breakdown and Business Interruption and, also it is intended to provide information on the operations, buildings, facilities and property risk exposures observed.

These services are to assist the client in improving its existing loss control systems, the overall nature of the consulting will be to identify areas where improvements may be made rather than focusing on those area already managed.

Underwriting Diagram

Underwriting Diagram

  1. HIRMS : Underwriting Survey
  2. Reporting : Underwriting Information
  3. (Re)Insurer Broker, etc : Optimized Underwriting

Service Area

Our insurance consulting service has been structured to meet the expanded and more complex objectives of this client-base and has established tradition of professionalism and excellence.
Timely involvement of our experts will allow better coordination with insurance program of client and we will provide you with a comprehensive report with the details of our finding.
Our report will give you the ability to make informed decisions regarding the future management of your insurance program.

  • Description of Location and Surrounding Exposure
  • Description of Occupancy & Process Flow
  • Common & special Hazards
  • Construction and engineering standard
  • Description of utility services
  • Natural perils exposures
  • Facility Diagram
  • Security
  • Fire system review
  • Management Control
  • Loss Experience
  • Recommendations for Risk Improvements
  • Insurance value and PML Assessment(Valuation)


As a professional consulting company, HYUNDAI HDS expects to be compensated at a fair and equitable level that meets the requirements of our underwriting consulting.
For more information about consultancy rate, please feel free to contact us.

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