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Consulting Scope

An organization or other entity has a liability loss exposure whenever there is a possibility that some other entity will sue for and alleged wrongdoing, thus requiring the entity being sued to at least defend itself in court regardless of whether the suit has merit.

Our consulting service provides from general review of the basic legal concepts which govern the legal liability of business firms for their acts and omissions to specific liability exposures and insurance coverages that are associated with premises and operations, products and completed operations, contractual and protective agreements, and employer' liability and work's compensation.

Service Area

In the liability area, there are numerous types of exposures. These exposures arise out of different function performed and standards of care required of persons or organization.
Our liability consulting includes

  • Contractual liability
  • Employer - Employee
  • Property owner - Tenant
  • Consumption - Use of products (Manufacturer, wholesaler, or retailer)
  • perations of a Contractor (Physicians, Account)
  • Professional Acts
  • Principal - Agent
  • Miscellaneous Liability


Our report contains protection against the financial consequences of civil action arising out of only one of these torts, negligence, which arises from the omission or commission of an act.

Commercial General Liability

We provide analysis and counterplan of liability to others in case of negligence of debts or illegal act in everyday life or business.

Commercial General Liability
Bodily Injury Death, Injury, Illness, disability, Medical fee
Property Damage Property loss, Use loss, Sale loss
Personal Injury False arrest, Detention, Malicious prosecution
Advertising Injury Violates a person's right of privacy, Infringement of copyright Slander or libels a person or organization
Medical Payment Charges for operation, Medical fee, Funeral expenses

Product Liability

  1. (1) A manufacturer shall be liable for either damage of death or personal injuries or damage to any item of property (other than the defective product itself) which is suffered by any person, due to a defect of the product.
  2. (2) With respect to any product the manufacturer of which can not be identified, a person who, for profit, supplies it in a form of sale or lease, etc. shall be liable for damage referred to in paragraph (1), if, in spite that he knows or would be able to know the identity of the manufacturer or the person who has supplied it to himself, he fails to inform any injured person or his legal representative of said identity within a reasonable period.

We have gained experience of PL risk survey and PL lecture for industry. We offer analysis and counterplan, data of PL accident.

PL Risk Survey Process

PL Risk Survey Process

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