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About us

Our Risk Management Service

Hyundai Hi-life Cliams Service co. ltd, the first risk management service & consulting company, has been accumulating diverse engineering technique and data on the basis of risk management consulting experience on plant, high-rise building, multi-facility and etc since 1986.

We have co-worked with famous risk management institutions under organized relation for specific risk such as property damage, bodily injury, liability, natural hazard and etc; also provided optimized risk management service that is the most suitable for the industrial workplace based on engineering standard and code like NFPA, FM, IRI and etc.

We have introduced updated equipment like GPR(Ground Penetration Radar), TIS(Thermal Infrared System), various counters to provide professional and objective risk management service that enable us to offer credible risk management service when we are surveying our client's workplace.

Since we are an independent consulting group, we provide an extensive review of risk management with the result of a highly professional and detailed report on the underperformance. Then we do our best to give proper and concise recommendations to immediately correct the problems for business risk as well as underwriting service by analyzing the risk.

We promise a best engineering consulting in risk management. We also provide effective and efficient consulting expertise for risk management consulting through persistent R&D and accumulated DB.

How to Assess Risks

Numerous tools and instruments are needed in order assess risks. These include:

Hardware Assessment
Production Equipment, Utility, Construction, Risk of Fire Spread, Fire Protection Equipment, Evacuation Equipment, System Safety, etc

Software Assessment
General Management, Utility Management, Management Procedure, Process Management, Emergency Scenario, Disaster Plan, etc

Consequential Loss Assessment
Cause Alanysis, Liability, Business Interruption, etc

Surroundings Assessment
Neighboring Construction, Influence of Territory, etc

Natural Hazard Assessment
Storm and Water Damage, Earthquake, Typhoon, etc

Special Equipment Assessment
GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar), Thermal Infrared System, NVH Effect Analysis, Structure Safety Inspection, etc

HiRMS delivers services to help monitor, measure, and manage commercial large risk as risk consulting report and presentation.
The consulting report contains objective, expert evaluation of your facility's risk quality - excellent for benchmarking, improvement management. Presentation is conducted to help educate and promote sound loss prevention practices throughout your organization. Presentation runs from the conceptual to the pragmatic and can be customized to address specific hazards indigenous to your facility and industry.

Service Area

Risks Analysis
Risk Exposures / Details
Site Condition
Site Layout & Construction
Fire Protection Systems
Management Programs
Natural Hazards

Loss Estimation




Risk survey includes risk management engineering techniques designed to minimize the frequency or severity of accidental losses or to make losses more predictable.

Periodical inspection is conducted by qualified engineers, according to the safety management plan. By the feedback, consulting services can provide the more efficient solution to help protect your properties and their facility assets from hazards through risk identification, assessment, and analysis.

Also, for success of a project, Project Risk Assessment service is presented by the ideal solutions for sophisticated projects.

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